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Mach 1 is the revolutionary charger from Lenmar that charges Lithium-Ion batteries in UNDER 30 MINUTES*. Using patented NeoTherm™ Active Pulse Speedcharging Technology, Mach 1 continuously monitors, conditions and maintains the quality of the battery, and can extend the life of you battery up to 5 times longer than traditional chargers.

EVS Supply provides Power-Sonic chargers. These automatic dual rate chargers sense battery requirements and automatically switch from the fast charge to float mode, or vice versa. LED's provide visual indication of the charging mode. Automatic chargers combine the advantages of float and cycle chargers; recharge time is short yet batteries are safe from being overcharged. This charger is ideal for cyclic applications where recharge time is critical and battery may be left on charge indefinitely. The float mode would be best suited for burglar and fire alarm equipment, emergency lighting, memory protection or UPS systems where the battery serves as back-up power to the AC source.


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