For more than five decades, EVS Supply has provided unbeatable service while offering an extensive selection of the highest-quality battery and lighting products and brands available on the market. As a leading battery supplier, our product offerings include standard batteries, custom battery packs, and energy-saving LED lamps and bulbs, as well as power sources for various lighting devices.

Our ITAR-registered company supplies versatile energy solutions to a vast array of industries, with an emphasis on innovation and our fundamentals of “Energy – Light – Life.” The products we offer are compliant with RoHS and REACH standards, and are applicable in everything from power for electronic devices and electric power, water, and gas meters, and especially as a backup power source for memory ICs. Learn more about the industries we serve, our vast product offerings, and how our engineering experience and manufacturing capabilities can support your operations.

Industries We Serve

EVS Supply specializes in battery and lighting solutions for a range of diverse client sectors. For battery-related industries, we assist clients in the following areas:

  • Oil and gas. For the energy sector, EVS Supply provides battery packs for safety or downhole applications, including hazardous gas monitoring.
  • Utility metering. Tadiran designs its ultra-long-life bobbin-type lithium thionyl chloride (LiSOC12) batteries to power AMR/AMI meters. Their batteries can power GSM communications modules’ memory and real-time clock backup systems along with meters equipped with two-way wireless communications.
  • Oceanographic. We supply Tadiran’s bobbin-type LiSOCl2 batteries for numerous oceanographic and offshore applications, including GPS equipment, emergency locating transmitters (ELT), radio or SARSAT/COSPAS distress beacons, mobile satellite communications links, ocean bottom seismic devices, transponders, sonobuoys, and data loggers.
  • Military/aerospace. Tadiran’s TLM series of military-grade high-energy lithium metal oxide cells is easy to incorporate into customized battery packs. They come in medium- and high-power varieties with various cylindrical configurations.
  • Asset tracking. Tadiran’s PulsesPlus™ cells and bobbin-type LiSOCl2 batteries can assist in mobile asset tracking. They monitor the status and location of more than 100 million devices from cargo shipping containers to commercial truck fleets, medical equipment, animal herd management, and more.
  • Energy harvesting. EVS Supply offers Tadiran’s TLI Series of industrial-grade lithium-ion batteries, which are rugged, lasting power supplies with recharging capabilities compatible with energy harvesting devices and DC power. Custom battery packs, AA, and AAA cylindrical cells are available in this series.
  • Infrastructure. Industrial-grade high-energy lithium batteries from Tadiran’s LiSOCl2, TLI, and TLM Series are optimal for remote infrastructure applications.
  • Medical products. For the healthcare sector, EVS Supply offers a variety of Tadiran’s advanced lithium batteries, with options for cells that can survive transit through the cold chain and high-temperature autoclave sterilization, as well as lightweight, small, yet powerful cells for surgical power tools.
  • Agritech. Remote wireless equipment is vital to today’s agriculture operations. For powering agricultural technology, EVS Supply has an extensive selection of Tadiran batteries that enable data-driven solutions that enhance crop yields and overall productivity, manage livestock, monitor food safety and quality, capture and distribute rainwater, and more.

Tadiran batteries maintain optimal functionality in harsh environments. The performance of normal lithium batteries suffers when you expose them to extreme temperatures, which affects the cell’s voltage, reliability, and self-discharge rate. Tadiran’s LiSOCl2, TLM, and TLI Series batteries from EVS Supply can withstand such conditions. Also, Tadiran’s TLI Series bobbin-type LiSOCl2 batteries are ideal for high- and low-temperature applications. The cold chain utilizes them for delivering the highest energy and energy density of any battery. In high-temperature environments, the ruggedized cells offer protection not only against extreme temperature, but also against pressure, puncture, vibration, and shock.

EVS Supply has an extensive inventory of luminaires and batteries for powering essential devices for various markets and applications, including school districts, municipalities, churches, retail establishments, and contractor businesses.

Essential Battery and Lighting Solutions

Since opening in 1967 as Elect-A-Van Service, Inc. and incorporating with a DBA filing in 2008, EVS Supply has proudly provided a broad spectrum of battery solutions from various manufacturers. We currently offer standard batteries such as:

  • Alkaline
  • Lithium
  • NiCad
  • NiMH
  • Rechargeable
  • Sealed lead acid
  • Silver oxide

In addition, we also offer a selection of custom or specialty products to better suit your individual needs.

Battery Solutions

EVS Supply partners with Power Sonic and Tadiran for industry-leading, high-quality battery products. Both companies have solid reputations and decades of expertise, offering reliable products we are proud to supply to our customers.

Power Sonic is known for its commitment to innovation and continuous improvement, allowing us to supply its batteries to our clients and address ever-changing energy needs. Two of the Power Sonic battery products we offer include:

  • Sealed lead acid batteries. With rugged construction yet optimal flexibility of design, these compact, long-lasting batteries have deep discharge recovery capabilities and make ideal power solutions for generators, home alarm systems, ATVs, motorcycles, and any application that requires supreme reliability and safety.
  • Powersport batteries. Another rugged battery option, Power Sonic’s broad range of sports batteries power snowmobiles, utility vehicles, lawn mowers, water skis, and more.

Tadiran Batteries offers lithium battery products that have a 40-year life span, which is four times as long as the competition. EVS Supply carries the following products from the Tadiran battery line:

  • PulsesPlus™ batteries combined with a hybrid layer capacitor. PulsesPlus™ batteries are ideal for applications requiring higher voltage and longer life, with periodic high pulses. They are optimal solutions for communications equipment, emergency devices and roadside assistance systems, and radio frequency identification (RFID) and medical devices.
  • Military-grade lithium metal oxide batteries. Military applications require efficiency and durability in all products. These compact military-grade batteries are beneficial in various high current pulse tasks and those that need a reliably high power discharge, even after prolonged storage.
  • Lithium-ion batteries. Tadiran’s Li-ion batteries offer excellent long-term use capabilities and perform well even in harsh environmental conditions. The TLI series is field-proven for maximum service life and can store the high current pulses necessary for two-way wireless communications.
  • Primary lithium batteries. Among Tadiran Batteries’ best product offerings, this line of lasting batteries includes long-life XOL primary lithium batteries, iXTRA primary lithium batteries, and extended temperature primary lithium batteries. These cells provide the highest voltage and energy density of all commercial lithium battery types, lasting for as long as 40 years. They are the ideal solution for applications like life-saving defibrillators.
  • Standard-use and stand-by lithium batteries. These batteries have a low annual self-discharge rate of less than 1% and a shelf life of up to a decade. They are optimal for low-current-level operations with long strands.

Lighting Solutions

EVS Supply offers a wide variety of lighting products from trusted brands. We are proud to offer the following high-quality Sylvania lighting solutions:

SATCO is another quality brand for residential, industrial, and commercial lighting solutions. We offer SATCO products such as:

Why Choose EVS Supply

With so many battery types available on the market, understanding how each performs in your specific application and environmental conditions is critical for selecting or customizing your battery. EVS Supply has over 50 years of expertise and a varied selection of top-selling battery and lighting brands for optimizing safety, performance, and longevity in battery-powered applications and electronic devices. Our small business is proud to be the leading Tadiran distributor in North America.

Shipping domestically and internationally from our new 9,000-sq ft manufacturing and warehouse facility in Richardson, Texas, we strive to meet our clients’ specific requirements worldwide with quality products and superior service. We also support supply-chain diversity efforts to best serve you. Our woman-owned company is ITAR certified as part of our commitment to quality and compliance for military applications.

EVS Supply: Batteries for Diverse Applications

High-performance batteries are critical for a myriad of industries. As a trusted supplier of Power Sonic and Tadiran batteries, among other leading brands, we are proud to carry some of the best battery names on the market today. Our catalog includes quality standard and custom batteries of various types, sizes, discharge rates, capacities, and termination types to best fit your unique application.

With superior customer service emphasizing integrity and our innovative power solutions, EVS Supply is the ideal partner for all of your battery needs. Visit our website or request information on our products, or contact us today to discuss your battery requirements with one of our representatives. You can also reach us by email or phone at 1-800-776-5267. We look forward to speaking with you.