Since our founding in 1967, EVS Supply has taken great pride in our ability to provide the widest variety of battery solutions from numerous manufacturers. We provide standard batteries in Alkaline, Lithium, NiCad, NiMH, Rechargeable, Sealed Lead Acid, and Silver Oxide, as well as specialty and custom batteries to meet your complete power needs. Two of the major battery suppliers that we are proud to be associated with are Tadiran and Power Sonic. These companies have solid reputations and provide reliable products that we are confident to offer to our customers.

powersonic battery

Power Sonic Batteries

Power Sonic focuses on continuous improvement and continuously works to create innovative battery solutions with superior performance. Their goal is to continue to meet the ever-changing needs of customers in the medical, safety, utility, and infrastructure industries. Two of their popular battery product lines that we offer at EVS include:

  • Sealed lead acid battery. Power Sonic has become one of the leading sealed lead acid battery manufacturers because of the rugged construction, design flexibility, long service life, compact design, and deep discharge recovery capabilities of their products. Applications can be as varied as ATVs, home alarm systems, motorcycles, generators, and workout equipment – anything where a high degree of safety and reliability is a must.
  • Powersport batteries. Power Sonic also offers a wide range of rugged sports batteries that can power whatever vehicle you have. From water skis and snowmobiles to lawn mowers and utility vehicles, EVS relies on Power Sonic to offer the widest range of conventional, AGM, and sealed lead acid technology batteries to keep operators moving.

To view our complete list of Power Sonic battery offerings, view our Power Sonic product catalog for more information.

Lithium Organic Batteries Tadiran Batteries

Tadiran Batteries is proud to provide lithium batteries that last 40 years. Their standard use, low self-discharge batteries last up to four times longer than other competitors. Products that EVS offers from the Tadiran battery line include:

  • PulsesPlus™ Batteries Combined with Hybrid Layer Capacitor. These batteries are perfect for applications that require long life, higher voltages, and periodic high pulses. They are ideal for emergency roadside assistance systems, communications equipment, emergency and medical devices, RFID devices, and more.
  • Military Grade Lithium Metal Oxide Batteries. With the unique requirements of durability and efficiency required for military-grade equipment, these compact batteries can be used in a variety of very high current pulse applications. They can also be utilized for applications that rely on a high power discharge, even after a long storage time.
  • Lithium-Ion Batteries. These workhorses are specifically designed for long-term use, even in the harshest of environments. The TLI series can store high current pulses required for two-way wireless communications and has been field-proven to deliver maximum service life.
  • Long Life XOL Primary Lithium Batteries, Extended Temperature Primary Lithium Batteries, iXTRA Primary Lithium Batteries. The pride of Tadiran Batteries, this line of long-life batteries has cells that provide the highest energy density and voltage of all commercial lithium battery types – with service lives that typically last up to 40 years. They are perfect for such applications as life-saving defibrillators.
  • Standard Use and Stand-by Lithium Batteries. Tadiran Standard Use and Stand-by batteries provide an excellent shelf life of up to 10 years and an extremely low self-discharge rate of 1% or less per year. This makes them perfectly suited for operation at low current levels with long stands.

For more details and specifications, view our full line of Tadiran Batteries.

A Trusted Supplier of the World’s Best Batteries

EVS Supply is ITAR Registered and a trusted supplier of both Power Sonic and Tadiran Batteries. We are proud to carry some of the world’s best battery brands, providing our customers with high-quality battery solutions for a variety of applications. With unbeatable service and adherence to an uncommon level of integrity, EVS Supply is the ideal partner for your battery needs. For more information or to discuss your battery requirements, contact us or submit an RFQ today.