At EVS Supply, we provide a range of lighting products from various manufacturers. Here, we will discuss the importance of adequate lighting as well as the different lighting suppliers that we work with and the products we provide. 

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The Importance of Lighting

Excellent lighting is crucial in commercial, industrial, and municipal settings. In many applications, minimum lighting standards are regulated by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), as well as individual industrial standards. Having the proper lighting protects your organization from penalties and poor ratings. It also provides these benefits:


Bright illumination along pathways reduces the risk of trips, slips, and falls. It can also reduce eyestrain as workers operate machinery, read, and perform tasks. Indoor and outdoor lighting is also crucial for protecting properties from break-ins and theft.

Workplace Benefits

Every facility needs to have general-purpose and task-focused lighting to help occupants and visitors navigate the space and do work efficiently. General-purpose lighting can illuminate pathways and spaces, while task lighting is used to illuminate work stations, desks, and other activity centers. Smart lighting systems and outlets also provide remote monitoring and control of workplaces.

LED Benefits

LED lights are more durable and longer-lasting alternatives to traditional light bulbs. They brighten instantly without the delayed start or gradual brightening many other lights have, and they offer rapid cycling. They are energy-efficient light units because they generate little to no heat. Not only does this make them ideal for large, light-dense facilities, but they can be used in environments with tight temperature regulations (such as refrigerators). They don’t give off infrared or ultraviolet emissions, so they can be used in even more diverse circumstances.

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Sylvania LED Lamps

For over 100 years, Sylvania has been providing high-quality lighting solutions for general consumers and professionals. We provide the following Sylvania products:

  • LED Bulbs and Lamps. These bulbs are available for general purpose, reflecting, directional, and decorative uses.
  • Retrofit LED Downlights. These are great for facilities that have or are in the process of retrofitting an older building with LEDs.
  • LED tubes. These are ideal for providing bright industrial and commercial lighting.
  • Troffer Retrofit Kits. These kits come in a wide range of specifications to meet various needs.
  • High Lumen Integrated Ballast LED Lamps. These lamps are part of the ULTRA LED™ High lumen Lamps series for enhanced brightness.


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For over 50+ years, SATCO has been the lighting solution for the commercial, industrial and residential markets. We provide the following SATCO Products:

LED Filament & Decorative Lamps

The popularity of the exposed bulb in lighting design continues the evolution in filament lamp design. From new shapes in the filament and structure to amber toned, silver domed and frosted lamps. Advanced technologies improve energy efficiency, enhance light quality, expand damp and wet location options and offer new lamps in a variety of bases. Plus, new packaging alternatives are available for your convenience.

General Service Lamps

SATCO’s vast offering of LED lamps continues to grow with technologies that help retrofit fixtures in nearly every setting. Our lamps provide significant energy efficiency while preserving the look and feel of traditional bulbs.

BR & Reflector Lamps

SATCO’s offering of LED BR & PAR lamps includes improved efficiency, higher CRI and greater values — all in a significantly broader range. From the expanded line of GEN2 PAR Silver PARs to the new generation of high lumen and range voltage industrial and commercial PAR lamps; to new choices in MR11 and MR16 lamps, the solutions just keep growing.

Downlight Retrofits

SATCO’s LED vast line of recessed downlight retrofits offers options in various aesthetics, improved efficiency, and easy installation. The new generations include additional sizes, finishes and features include gimbals and CCT selectable options. Retrofit downlights remain one of SATCO’s most popular categories of lighting for their value and convenience.

Hi-Pro HID Replacements

Advancements in SATCO’s commercial and industrial line of High Lumen Professional Grade lamps continue. From quality of light including higher efficiency to design improvements featuring lighter body weight, to advanced heat dissipation and increased internal surge protection.

CFL & Linear Fluorescent Replacements

SATCO’s CFL and linear replacement options continue to focus on safety, light quality and the ease of installation when it comes to replacing traditional CFL and linear bulbs.

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Lighting plays an important role in and around every building. Facilities can use superior lighting solutions to ensure safe working conditions for industrial sites, create decorative and unique atmospheres in commercial locations, and create comfortable working conditions that ease eye strain and stress. At EVS Supply, we work with leading light manufacturers to provide our clients with easy access to thousands of lighting options and components. Contact us today to learn more about our inventory selection, or request a quote to start your order.