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Custom LiSOCl2 Batteries

Lithium-thionyl chloride (LiSOCl2) batteries are indispensable components of primary lithium metal batteries. Their ability to store considerable energy within compact dimensions makes them a preferred choice for businesses seeking efficient power solutions. They also offer reliability and performance in demanding environments where space optimization is critical for operational success.

This article delves into the specific features and applications of custom LiSOCl2 batteries, addressing their diverse power requirements across various industries.

Key Features of a Custom LiSOCl2 Battery

Here are the standout properties of LiSOCl2 batteries:

Low Temperature

LiSOCl2 low-temperature batteries support cold transportation and storage, maintaining the right temperature for food and medicine, even in extreme cold. Their advanced bobbin-type technology provides specific energy and density, making them the top choice for preserving temperature-sensitive goods during transit.

AMR/AMI Utility Metering

Custom LiSOCl2 batteries transform utility metering, powering mechanical and ultrasonic meters for over 40 years without costly replacements. Utility managers enhance system reliability and optimize return on investment with this solution, reducing the total cost of ownership. Their durability and longevity make them an indispensable choice for modernizing utility infrastructure.

Remote Wireless

LiSOCl2 batteries are dependable for remote wireless applications, boasting reliability and longevity. With up to 40 years of performance, these batteries drive various devices, from AMR utility meters to SCADA systems and GPS locators.

Custom LiSOCl2 batteries are engineered to endure extreme temperatures and harsh environments, guaranteeing uninterrupted operation in the most challenging conditions. Whether monitoring utility usage or tracking assets in remote locations, they deliver consistent power and performance, enabling businesses to operate efficiently and effectively.

Asset Tracking

LiSOCl2 long-life batteries are the go-to solution for asset tracking across diverse industries, enabling real-time monitoring of assets ranging from commercial fleets to medical equipment. Trusted by millions of devices worldwide, the custom LiSOCl2 battery delivers unmatched reliability and performance for critical asset-tracking applications.


LiSOCl2 batteries, with their unmatched longevity and reliability, are renewing aging infrastructure by offering up to 40 years of operation. They are ideal for modernizing utility meters, remote sensors, and industrial machinery. They ensure continuous operation in harsh environments, making them perfect for projects of all sizes.

High Temperature

Custom LiSOCl2 batteries deliver unparalleled performance in high-temperature applications, withstanding temperatures up to 125°C while maintaining exceptional reliability. Whether in automotive, medical, industrial, or aerospace applications, these batteries provide the power and durability needed to thrive in extreme environments.

Applications of Custom LiSOCl2 Battery Packs

The following are the applications where EVS Supply’s custom LiSOCL2 batteries excel in elevating business operations:

Industrial Automation

Custom LiSOCl2 batteries provide reliable power for industrial automation equipment, GPS devices, distress signals, and communication tools in maritime applications and oceanographic research. With minimal self-discharge and rapid voltage response, they meet the demanding needs of professionals across industries.

Remote Monitoring Systems

Custom LiSOCl2 battery power remote monitoring systems ensure continuous operation of communication equipment, sensors, and data loggers. With their reliable performance, these batteries are crucial in maintaining connectivity and data collection in remote locations.

Military and Defense Technologies

Custom LiSOCl2 batteries are integral to military and defense technologies, valued for their high energy density, reliability, and resilience in extreme conditions. They power critical equipment like communication devices, GPS receivers, guidance systems, and military sensors to ensure uninterrupted operation and enhance mission effectiveness and safety.

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